Writing Status – The Emperor’s Pet

Publishing Demeron’s tale has put my publishing schedule behind a bit. I knew it would. I’m only halfway through The Emperor’s Pet and have been dealing with a reader revolt over my treatment of Pol and Shira’s relationship in The Sleeping God.  My mea culpa is below in another post, but after The Emperor’s Pet is out, I will go back and rewrite The Sleeping God as a second edition with less aggression on the part of Shira.

I’m probably about two weeks behind, so it looks like my next book is targeted for release after the first week in May.  I’ll definitely shoot to have The Emperor’s Pet out before Mother’s Day.


  1. John Goss

    I’m not sure you need to write down the aggression of Shira. Sure her aggression is annoying and a number of times I was shouting at her not to be so stupid. But that sort of stupid aggression is quite common among adolescents. And I imagine her background is partly a reason for her aggression

  2. Sean Fitz

    Huh, an author who actually admits to an error. I like you even more. I understood the aggression, but that’s the aggression of schoolyard children, 10 years or younger than Shira. It did make her seem like a petulant child who was so ignorant of emotions that she had to use violence to express herself. I’m happy you are rectifying that situation, it did make the book a bit difficult to work through.

  3. wendy correa

    I hope you let me know when you finish the fifth book. I look forward to reading it . I love the story. I can’t wait to see what pol is up to next I hope to see him rule. I love your writing

    1. admin *


      I’m wrapping up The Emperor’s Pet a little sooner than expected. It should be out towards the end of next week (trying for April 26th).

      – Guy

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