The Warstone Quartet

An ancient emperor creates four magical gems to take over and rule the entire world.  The ancient empire crumbles and over millenia. Three stones are lost and one remains as an inert symbol for a single kingdom among many. The force that created the Warstones, now awakened, seeks to unite them all, bringing in a new reign of world domination–a rule of terror.

Four Warstones, four stories. The Warstone Quartet tells of heroism, magic, romance and war as the world must rise to fight the dark force that would enslave them all.


Book One: Moonstone | Magic That Binds 

MoonstoneCvrTmbA jewel, found in the muck of a small village pond, transforms Lotto, the village fool, into an eager young man who is now linked to a princess through the Moonstone.  The princess fights against the link while Lotto seeks to learn more about what happened to him.  He finds a legacy and she finds the home in her father’s army that she has so desperately sought.  As Lotto finds aptitude in magical and physical power, a dark force has risen from another land to sow the seeds of rebellion.  It’s up to Lotto to save the princess and the kingdom amidst stunning betrayal fomented by the foreign enemy.

Book Two: Sunstone | Dishonor’s Bane

SunstoneCvrThmbShiro, a simple farmer, is discovered to possess stunning magical power and is involuntarily drafted into the Ropponi Sorcerer’s Guild.  He attracts more enemies than friends and escapes with his life only to end up on a remote prison island. He flees with an enchanted sword containing the lost Sunstone.  Trying to create a simple refuge for an outlawed band of women sorcerers, he is betrayed by the very women he has worked to save and exiled to a foreign land.  There, he must battle for his freedom as he and his band become embroiled in a continent-wide conflict.

Book Three: Bloodstone | Power of Youth

When usurpers invade Foxhome Castle, Unca, the aging Court Wizard of the Red Kingdom, fleesBloodstoneCvr
with the murdered king’s only daughter, taking the Bloodstone, an ancient amulet that is the symbol of Red Kingdom rule.  Unca uses the Bloodstone to escape capture by an enemy and is transformed into a young man, but loses all of his wizardly powers. Unca must reinvent himself in order to return the princess to her throne.  Along the way he falls in love with the young woman and must deal with the conflict between his duty and his heart, while keeping a terrible secret.

Book Four: Darkstone | An Evil Reborn

DarkstoneCvrAs the 22nd son of the Emperor of Dakkor, Vishan Daryaku grows from boy to man, learning that he must use his unique powers and prodigious knowledge to survive. He succeeds until his body is taken over by an evil power locked inside of the Darkstone. Now Emperor of Dakkor, Vishan is trapped inside, as the ancient force that rules his body devastates his homeland while attempting to recover all of the Warstones.

As the amulets are all exposed, the holders of the Moonstone, Sunstone, and Bloodstone combine to fight the Emperor’s relentless drive to reunite the Warstones and gain power over the entire world. The armies of Dakkor and the forces of those allied with the three other stones collide on a dead continent in the stunning conclusion of the Warstone Quartet.


  1. Al

    Hi Guy – Just about 1/3 way thru Book One: Moonstone | Magic That Binds & I’m really enjoying it – This is the 2nd series of yours that I’m liking – Have a question regarding the map (love maps) – Is there a way I can get a copy that’s a bit more legible than presented in the books? – The print is so infinitesimally small that I can only make out the individual realms…..Appreciate any help & best regards!
    San Diego

  2. Mike G.

    I’d also love a more legible copy of the map, please. That’s one thing kindle does very badly 🙁

    It does do just about everything else well, though, so I’ll forgive Amazon for this one…

  3. Alan Taylor

    Hi Guy
    I am just starting The Sleeping God and I would like to get a better map of Phairoon.
    Al T

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