The Misplaced Prince Just Published!

The sixth book in The Disinherited Prince Series has just been published on Amazon. The Misplaced Prince – ASIN: B072K93Q63.  The paperback version will be available within a week.

The Fractured Empire draft is about 40% complete. That is the seventh and last book in the series.


  1. Bill

    Early feedback at 30%,.

    The second POV is adding to the flow and feel of the story in a VERY positive way. No spoilers but darn it nice to see a certain unnamed character make choices, be competent and assertive, almost reborn as a character.

    Really well written thus far!

  2. Robert Skinner

    Great read once again. I think I read that the next book will be the last one. It’s gonna have to be really big to finish all those plot lines you are juggling. I look forward to your next work!!

  3. Joe

    Great book, the whole memory loss thing was a bit too “deus ex machina” for me when it happened, but I enjoyed seeing Pol experience Daera and being able to grow a bit more as a person.

    I’ll be eager to see what your plans are Pol’s return to Shinkya and his inevitable fight with with his older brother Grostin.

  4. Kolya

    Another great book (Of course). I read it all in one sitting. Can’t wait for the Grand finale. All of us voracious readers truely appreciate both the great quality and astounding speed of your books. Thank you for sharing these stories for all of us to enjoy.

  5. Chuck

    Yep, as other’s have said “A Great Read”. I was frustrated by the cliff hanger, but I agree with Guy that Pol had to grow, and also Shira. While the memory wipe was sort of Deus ex Machina, it was consistent with compulsion spells and other mind control stuff previously used. Can’t wait for Fractured Empire.

  6. stanley Russell

    Really Enjoyed book 6 and Pols and Shiras development …. Now like others i need the last book, please publish it as soon as possible : Love your books

  7. Larry Holtrop

    The entire series has been enjoyable, I cannot wait for Fractured Empire to be released,, so I can sit up until the wee hours finishing it in one read, like the others!

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