The Misplaced Prince – Cover Reveal

Book Six is in editing. The draft and a couple of rewrites are finished and now all the technical stuff has to take place. I’m still shooting for an early June release. Update: Planning a release before June 15. The final book in the Disinherited Prince Series, The Fractured Empire is currently being drafted while waiting for Misplaced Prince edits.

The cover is made up of elements in the book. This time a hawk tile is given to Pol. He will head to grasslands at some time during the story, hence the wheat-filled background.

Preliminary Book Blurb:

Pol Cissert can’t remember his name or his origin when washed up on a strange continent. Demeron, his horse, must find a way to get Pol to a magician powerful enough to remove his curse. Without magic, it may take years to find the right person, so until then Pol has become the Misplaced Prince.



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  1. Bill


    Question, not giving away details, how much time elapses in this book? Obviously the underlying question is related to previous books, not much time elapsed in a single book but now you have a few years to burn off. Will this book cover a longer period of time?

    Or will this be one of (some number) on the new continent?

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