1. Brett

    How in the hell can you be 40% done with the book on June 10th and set for a realese 2 months later? Not complaining, but come on! I typicly wait a year + for the next book in the series.

    Seriously, thanks for the hard work here.

    1. Justin

      He said about 2 weeks, it’s not been quite 2 weeks yet. Probably give it till Friday before I start hollering about it.

  2. admin *

    One last editor to go through. Everyone is stalled due to summer things, including me. I’m ready to go when the edit is returned to me and I’ve made the fixes. Covers are complete. While I’m waiting I’m having to do some extensive worldbuilding for my next series, The Song of Sorcery. I’ll post about the series when The Fractured Empire is released for a few weeks.

    – Guy

  3. Robert Skinner

    Just a thought, you could release it now for your die hard fans who have been checking amazon hourly for the past week and upload the edits later in time for our second read through 🙂

  4. Josh

    I could have read it and edited by now. Tell these slow summer people to hurry up! Haha thanks again for writing a great series. I’ve been checking Amazon everyday!

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