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The Purple Flames, The Alien Hand, and Angel in Bronze – All Now Available Exclusively at Amazon!

All three of my three anthology volumes have been published by CasiePress and will bubble onto the scene this month.  The Purple Flames is short for Demise of the Purple Flames and is a steampunkish story PrpleFlameseCvrThmbof a young man who is transformed for the specific reason to eliminate the magic in the leader of the Order of the Purple Flames’ arch enemy.  The cover art is of a Purple Flame member in his regalia.  It’s a fun start to the rest of the stories which are a combination of Steampunk and Paranormal stories with a few touches of horror mixed in.

Of the eleven stories, here are a few snippets:

A detective works on a reservation in New Mexico, except the reservation is for ghouls, demons, ghosts, zombies, and the paranormal.  A succubus whose mission in life is to destroy the last vampires that have infested the earth.  The grisly story about Tommy Tonsil.  In a post-apocalyptic world, two mutants find out about themselves when facing dire peril.

The other two anthologies are described in the Anthologies section on the Pages menu bar.  These anthologies will begin life exclusively available on Amazon.


Three Guy Antibes Short Story Anthologies in Production

Old Guy is pleased to announce that in the next few months, THREE short story anthologies are in the hopper undergoing editing.  Titles and covers aren’t pinned down yet.

I took to writing short stories to hone my writing skills.  So these stories are, in a sense, all experimentsPanix-Hand in writing.  Some are good and some are goofy.  One thing that I’ve learned about short stories is that they are prime examples of ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.  One story may thrill one person and do nothing for another reader.   So you get what you get.  Hopefully among the stories, you will find one that appeals to you.

So I’ve separated my stories by genre, so here are the descriptions:

  1. Steampunk and Shockers – This has a lot of different kinds of stories.  There is a reject from a Magical Academy story,  a detective who works in a reservation in New Mexico, except the reservation is for ghouls, demons, ghosts, zombies, and the paranormal.  Another is a steampunk story about a woman whose mission in life is to destroy vampires that have infested the earth.  The story about Tommy Tonsil is a little grisly.  This anthology is definitely PG-13
  2. Science Fiction – You can read stories that contain action, romance, drama, thought provoking situations.  A glutton gladiator is in peril, a man searches for magic on a ruined planet, a boy yearns for a special toy,  a young man has invented a unique tool for espionage.
  3. Fantasy – This group is a bit more in my wheelhouse.  A wizard attempts to destroy a seven-hundred-year-old curse.  A boy is appalled by the truth of his parents’ midnight disappearances.  A Captain’s coat is much more than it seems.  A healer must decide if the maxim that he has held to his entire life is still valid.

I’ll get some titles figured out for these, but I do intend on publishing one in April, May and June.