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Rebranding of Sara Featherwood Series

I haven’t had much traction with my Sara Featherwood series:  Daughter Bereaved, Daughter Disinherited, Daughter Betrayed.  It has always been an uneasy kind of a genre bender.  So I’ve come up with new titles and a bit of a re-edit, adding in a magical element so I can call it a fantasy and fantasy readers will see some magic.  I’ve also changed the series name (there were two – The Shattuk Downs novels and the Sara Featherwood novels) to Sara Featherwood Adventures.

The plot is still the same except in some of the key action sequences, Sara will use a little bit of magic.  I’ve gone through all three books and made some edits to typos and filled in a few minor plot holes.  The big difference will be the new covers.  I tweaked the illustrations for the last two books, but the first book has a totally new cover and more in matching with the genre.

As for genre, it will be Fantasy – YA/College, and Literature – Women’s Adventure

Here is the cover for the first volume:  Knife & Flame




The other titles are Sword & Flame and Guns & Flame.  They are up on Amazon and Smashwords.