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Quest of the Wizardess Released in November

QotWCvrMedThe Quest of the Wizardess is in proofing and should be ready for release by the end of this month.  The cover looks much the same, with a few tweaks and the Gleaneran God’s War series was removed.  If I get around to turning this into a trilogy, then I’ll put on a new cover.

The proof is coming from Createspace and I’ll get through that Thanksgiving Weekend and debut the book on Amazon.

Bellia novel

I don’t have a title for this epic fantasy novel yet.  It stands alone, but there are all kinds of hooks for a trilogy.  It’s about the daughter of a family of wizardly hermits.  They are all killed and she has to leave their home to avoid the same happening to her. Typical sword & sorcery stuff.  It has a unique magical system and Bellia, the main character, gets involved in gods that used to live on their world, but have left.  Lots of action and Bellia does her best to defend herself.

I’m planning on self-publishing this sometime in October.  It’s ready for a proof edit.