The following maps are all pdf documents which means you can enlarge them to your heart’s content in order to see the detail.  If there are any other maps that you need in addition to what is here, please notify Guy and he’ll see about adding them.

A Sorcerer Rises – Map of the City of Tossa

Disinherited Prince – Map of Phairoon – Pol’s world

Power of Poses – Map of Trak’s world

Warstone Quartet – Map of Goriath

Quest of the Wizardess – Map of Bellia’s world

Sara Featherwood Series – Map of Parthy

The Power Bearer – Map of the world of Polda

Sword of Spells/Warrior Mage – Map of Kellar 




  1. Mike G

    I’m not sure I understand – how many episodes of _SoS_ are not contained in _WM_?

    I’m trying to figure out which to buy 🙂


  2. TJ

    I believe some updates to the maps are needed for Phairoon are needed. All the duchies named and all the capitals located would be nice.

    Thanks in advance!

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