Shira’s Behaviorial Change

As promised, I have just gone through The Sleeping God and given Shira a personality change. Her aggressive tendencies have  been mollified, but not totally eradicated. No more kicks to Pol’s shins, but taps and nudges. She still gets a good poke in from time to time.  I made a few other edits to the manuscript, but none of them affected the story. Hopefully, she won’t appear to be so shrewish as some readers pointed out.

If you’ve read the original version of The Sleeping God, please give Shira the benefit of the doubt in The Emperor’s Pet. She is much better behaved.

Now, on to the next book, The Misplaced Prince.  I hated to make this a cliffhanger, but Pol is embarking on a new chapter in his life and there wasn’t a better place to delineate his Shinkyan experience from his Daeran than showing up on Daera with Demeron as his nursemaid. More excitement to come!

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  1. PhilC

    Well it cannot come soon enough, The Emperors Pet did not last at all, I read it so quickly it felt like a short story.cant see why you needed to alter Shira, but there you go, of more annoyance is the spelling mistakes, and missing or wrong words, but I am capable enough to re-write in my head as I read…So when can I receive The Misplaced Prince…

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