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GuyPhotoMedResHi!  I’m Guy Antibes and I write fiction.  Most of what I create is fantasy of the sword & sorcery ilk, although I’m currently working on (as of Spring, 2015) a historical/steampunk paranormal thriller series. Those will be quite a mashup of genres.

I don’t write anything too dark or too risque, but something generally falling in between PG and PG13 if that helps give you an idea.  I wouldn’t call my works romances, but there is generally some kind of boy-girl relationship going on somewhere.

I’ve written a middle-grade novel – Egypt: Trouble with Temples.  I’ve done some Young Adult work, especially in The Power Bearer and the Sara Featherwood (Shattuk Downs) novels.  You might like my adult-level Sword of Spells stories which are a collection of short stories describing the adventures of Brull, the Warrior-Mage.  A novel based on the Brull character was released in 2014, Warrior-Mage.

My most recent works were the four books in the Warstone Quartet.  Solid sword & sorcery epic fantasy that are more New Adult/College level.

Most of my works are e-books and trade paperbacks published through CasiePress.

I live in the Mountain West and am married with four kids.


  1. Carrie Van Cott

    When will the remaining books for the disinherited prince series be out? I have read the first three and loved them! I want to know the rest of Pol’s story. Please let me know when the others will be released. Thank you!
    A devoted reader.
    Carrie Van Cott

  2. N. Lytle

    Here’s hoping that you do not limit your stories to only male-female romances. An occasional gay character would be fun for those of us who are LGBTQ.

    BTW, I’m enjoying your series, “The Disinherited Prince.”

    Good luck with your planned 2017 releases; it sounds like an ambitious schedule.


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