Pushing a Fellow Author’s Work – Web of Eyes

I generally don’t do this, but someone asked.  This is not an endorsement. I haven’t read the book, so if you don’t like it don’t blame me. It’s for 99 cents for a week or so and you can read it for free if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited. The good? I like the MC’s name. The bad? Web of Eyes sort of sounds creepy, doesn’t it?  – Guy

Web of Eyes Amazon Linkhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B079GQY4FN
Launch Sale Dates: $0.99 Feb 5th – 11th. $2.99 afterwards. Free in Kindle Unlimited.
An ill king brings circling wolves… 

When Whitney Fierstown, the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Thief,” is imprisoned for a foolhardy attempt to steal the crown off the dying King’s head, a determined knight of the King’s Shield provides an ultimatum: rot and die in a dank cell or join him on a dangerous expedition to find the Queen’s traitorous brother, a warlock accused of placing a terrible curse on the heir to the throne.

With the Kingdom at its most vulnerable, these two opposites, devout knight and conniving scoundrel, pursue the traitor to the hellish Webbed Woods. If the pair is to thwart their mischievous target and withstand the horrifying monster lurking in the haunted woods, they must first put aside their differences.

A Sword & Sorcery Epic perfect for fans of Dragon Age and the Forgotten Realms.

“Fantastic world building and masterful prose. Definitely a must read for Epic Fantasy fans.” Brian DAnderson, bestselling author of The Godling Chronicles 



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