New Ending Published for The Emperor’s Pet

After another spate of readers hating the ending of the Emperor’s Pet, I have rewritten the ending.  In the published book, I put in an excerpt from the next book, The Misplaced Prince. After receiving a lot of flack from the ending, I merged the excerpt into the Emperor’s Pet and extended the excerpt scene so the ending is no longer a cliffhanger, but a transition ending that begins Pol’s adventures in the next book. I hope this is a more comfortable ending for those readers who absolutely, positively HATE cliffhangers. To those of you, I yield to your sensitivities, which I actually do share.


  1. N. Lytle

    Usually I don’t catch many errors, but I thought your editor needs another reading. For example, early in the book, the word published is “left” when you meant “let.”

    Any idea as to when the sequel will be released?

    PhilC> My experience with Kindle books is that Amazon delivers the book changes automatically and there is no additional cost. You may already have the updated book.

  2. Bill


    I’m not sure if I have an old or new version but about 70-80% into the book (frequent too young comments) I started to think- how is he going to “age” Pol. Thinking something was coming to give him some grow up time, the end was fine for me.

    Matter of fact, it would be a cliffhanger if it involved any character other than Pol. It’s not like the protagonist and POV for the story is going to die in book 5 of X

  3. Aldric

    I just finished the book (With the new ending) and while it softened it a bit, still wasn’t happy with the way it ended.

    ***Minor Spoilers Ahead***

    Pol had grown so much in strength and with the tells and nervousness he had before the big plot twist, it just didn’t feel right that he would get caught in that situation.

    Just seemed too unbelievable of an ending (Yes, even for a fantasy novel) for what they did to him at the end. For his enemies to come up with that as it’s solution to get him out of there just felt off. It was jarring and out of place compared to the rest of the series.

    I’m curious to see where Guy takes it. Just make me invested in the story again, instead of scowling at my kindle saying to myself, ‘Really? That’s how he’s ending it?’

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