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Quest of the Wizardess     Sword & Sorcery/Coming of Age/ Epic

This book chronicles the travels and travails of young Bellia. After her wizard family is assassinated QotWCvrMedwhen she is fourteen, Bellia seeks anonymity as a blacksmith’s helper. When that doesn’t work out as expected, she flees to the army. Her extraordinary physical and magical skills bring unwanted attention and she must escape again. After finding a too-placid refuge, she takes the opportunity to seek out her family’s killers. Revenge becomes her quest that takes her to a lost temple, unexpected alliances and a harrowing confrontation with her enemies.

The Power Bearer    YA Sword and Sorcery NorraCover2med

A girl chances upon a dying wizard and gains his power.  The problem is women are unable to perform magic on the world of Polda.  Norra must find a way to get rid of her curse.  Along the way she attracts a schoolmate, a short magician, a ghost, a female highwayman and a talking cloud.  People are after her power and will do anything to get it.



Panix:  Magician-Spy    Sword & Sorcery with a little Steampunk thrown in.

PanixCvr3MedPanix may just well be the most powerful magician on Goriath.  However, in his world, that doesn’t account for much.  He loses his marriage and his job and finds that his country’s secret service wants him to investigate nefarious doings by their steam-powered rival.   No one has quite approached investigation quite like Panix and he has to make it up as he goes.



Egypt: Trouble with Temples    Middle grade Time Travel Fantasy TwTe-CvrMed


Fifteen-year-old Samantha and her eleven-year-old brother, Ian, are catapulted to ancient Egypt in this middle-grade adventure.  They are befriended by the equivalent of the town sheriff, an inexperienced High Priest of an emerging god, and a talking cat.  They want to get back, but the button that transported them into the past hasn’t even been built yet.  How will they return before an evil priestess of a rival god gets them taken care of… for good?


Zombies of Clay   A parody of the James Joyce short story ClayZombiesOfClayThmb

This is a zombie-ized version of a James Joyce short story about a woman travelling across late 19th century Dublin for a halloween party at an old friend’s.  Since it’s been zombie-ized this is NOT for the squeamish!  It’s $.99 at Amazon, but you can find this free elsewhere.  The story is so short, the original Clay short story is included.


Available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other e-retailers.  Also in trade paperback


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