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Book One: A Sorcerer Rises

Bound to a cruel grandfather, thirteen-year-old Ricky Valian is an orphan and a theif. Compelled to steal a valuable item in a public place, Ricky uses the only trick he knows, a magic trick. His crime doesn’t go unobserved. The Dean of Doubli Academy witnesses the theft and recognizes Ricky’s latent talent, volunteering to become Ricky’s guardian at the boy’s trial. Ricky finds himself, unlettered and untutored in sorcery, in a place filled with students. As he struggles with his unexpected circumstances, Ricky becomes a target of a vicious bully, who may not be above taking the life of someone who gets in his way.

Book Two: A Sorcerer Imprisoned

Ricky Valian always dreaded the Juvenile Home in the city of Applia. Killing a member of the Council of Notables is enough to sentence him for a stay. The lord’s widow is anxious for revenge and Ricky has to scramble to stay ahead of people out seeking his life. While there are strange things going on at the Home that will put him in peril, he finds a priceless treasure long forgotten at the Home. Can he stay alive long enough to save it?


Book Three: A Sorcerer’s Diplomacy

Back at Doubli Academy, Ricky finds new acquaintances and a new pastime. However, all is not bliss as circumstances converge to make it impossible to avoid confronting his nemesis, Duke Noacci, the man Ricky suspects of killing his parents. While on a school break, he finds himself in the middle of two powers ready to go to war. Ricky must make life-altering decisions as he struggles to save himself and his new friends.



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Book One: The Disinherited Prince

Poldon Fairfield, a fourteen-year-old prince, has no desire to rule since his poor health has convinced him that he will not live long enough to sit on any throne. Matters take a turn for the worse when his father, the King of North Salvan, decides his oldest will rule the country where Pol’s mother is first in the line of succession, followed by Pol, her only child. Pol learns he has developed a talent for magic, and that may do him more harm than good, as he must struggle to survive among his siblings, now turned lethally hostile.


Book Two: The Monk’s Habit

With his health failing, Pol Cissert takes refuge in a monastery dedicated to magic, healing, and swordsmanship. As a disinherited prince, he thinks his troubles are behind him so he can concentrate on learning magic and getting his body repaired. He soon finds that his sanctuary isn’t the protection he hoped for.


Book Three: A Sip of Magic

Expecting to resume his studies after a long absence, Pol Cissert is disappointed when he is drafted by the Emperor’s Seeker to infiltrate into Tesna Monastery. His mission is to verify rumors of a new army being raised by the South Salvan King, a man he perceives as a personal enemy. Pol will face new challenges, not the least of which will be figuring out the mysterious roommate who arrives not long after he learns about the Tesnan’s plans to take over the world.


Book Four: The Sleeping God

Carrying an amulet given to him by his late mother, Pol Cissert seizes an opportunity to travel to a far-off city in search of his roots. He has no idea that the journey will be no easy jaunt. Chased by magicians, thugs, pirates, and priests, he searches for his legacy by seeking the Cathedral of the Sleeping God. Pol finds that the truth isn’t always something everyone wants.


Demeron: A Horse’s Tale – A Disinherited Prince Novella

Demeron, a Shinkyan stallion who can speak to human magicians, is cut off from his master and must find a way to return hundreds of miles to Deftnis Monastery, his master’s home. To do so, Demeron must travel through the country of his birth, eluding humans who would eagerly take possession of him. Sixty pages long, Demeron, A Horse’s Tale is best read between A Sip of Magic and The Emperor’s Pet.


Book Five: The Emperor’s Pet

On his way to return Shira to her home in Shinkya, Pol Cissert is called upon to solve two mysteries. His reward is something he does not desire, but he must put that aside while he travels to Tishiko, the exotic and dangerous capital city of the country of Shira’s birth. He finds that deadly politics badgers him every step along his journey.


Book Six: The Misplaced Prince

Pol can’t remember his name or his origin when washed up on the shore of a strange continent. Demeron, his horse, must find a way to get Pol to a magician powerful enough to remove his curse. Without his magic or his memories, it may take years to find the right person, and until then Pol has become the Misplaced Prince.


Book Seven: The Fractured Empire

In the final installment of the series, Pol Cissert Pastelle returns home after four years abroad to find The Baccusol Empire breaking apart with civil war erupting on multiple fronts. He reunites with Shira, the Shinkyan Princess, and gets to work trying to save his stepfather’s Empire. He finds more insidious spells invoked by the enemy, a society of magicians that has dedicated itself to domination. Pol has his own challenges as he navigates his way through drastic situations, not the least of which is a series of confrontations with old and new enemies.







Book One: Magician in Training

Trak Bluntwithe, an illiterate stableboy, is bequeathed an education by an estranged uncle. In the process of learning his letters, Trak learns that he is a magician. So his adventures begin that will take him to foreign countries, fleeing from his home country, which seeks to execute him for the crime of being able to perform magic. The problem is that no country is safe for the boy while he undergoes training. Can he stay ahead of those who want to control him and keep his enemies from killing him?


Book Two: Magician in Exile

Trak Bluntwithe is a young man possessing so much magical power that he is a target for governments. Some want to control him, and others want to eliminate the threat of his potential. He finds himself embroiled in the middle of a civil war. He must fight to save his imprisoned father, yet he finds that he has little taste for warfare. Trak carries this conflict onto the battlefield and finds he must use his abilities to stop the war to protect the ones he loves.


Book Three: Magician in Captivity

After a disastrous reunion with Valanna Almond, Trak heads to the mysterious land of Bennin to rescue a Toryan princess sold into slavery. The Warish King sends Valanna back to Pestle to verify that the King of Pestle is no longer under Warish control. The Vashtan menace continues to infect the countries of the world and embroil both Trak and Valanna in civil conflict, while neither of them can shake off the attraction both of them feel towards each other.


Book Four: Magician in Battle

Trak quells the rebellion in Warish but is forced to leave to return the Toryan princess. He reunites with his father but is quickly separated again. Circumstances turn ugly in Torya, and Trak returns to Pestle to fight an unexpected army. Valanna’s story continues as she struggles with her new circumstances, and is sent on a final mission to Pestle. The Power of Poses series ends with a massive battle, pitting soldier against soldier and magic against magic.






An ancient emperor creates four magical gems to take over and rule the entire world. The ancient empire crumbles over millennia. Three stones are lost, and one remains as an inert symbol for a single kingdom among many. The force that created the Warstones, now awakened, seeks to unite them all, bringing in a new reign of world domination—a rule of terror.

Four Warstones, four stories. The Warstone Quartet tells of heroism, magic, romance, and war as the world must rise to fight the dark force that would enslave them all.




Book One: Moonstone | Magic That Binds

A jewel, found in the muck of a small village pond, transforms Lotto, the village fool, into an eager young man who is now linked to a princess through the Moonstone. The princess fights against the link, while Lotto seeks to learn more about what happened to him. He finds a legacy, and she finds the home in her father’s army that she has so desperately sought. As Lotto finds aptitude in magical and physical power, a dark force has risen from another land to sow the seeds of rebellion. It’s up to Lotto to save the princess and the kingdom amidst stunning betrayal fomented by the foreign enemy.


Book Two: Sunstone | Dishonor’s Bane

Shiro, a simple farmer, is discovered to possess stunning magical power and is involuntarily drafted into the Ropponi Sorcerer’s Guild. He attracts more enemies than friends and escapes with his life, only to end up on a remote prison island. He flees with an enchanted sword containing the lost Sunstone. Trying to create a simple refuge for an outlawed band of women sorcerers, he is betrayed by the very women he has worked to save and exiled to a foreign land. There, he must battle for his freedom as he and his band become embroiled in a continent-wide conflict.


Book Three: Bloodstone | Power of Youth

When usurpers invade Foxhome Castle, Unca, the aging Court Wizard of the Red Kingdom, flees with the murdered king’s only daughter, taking the Bloodstone, an ancient amulet that is the symbol of Red Kingdom rule. Unca uses the Bloodstone to escape capture by an enemy and is transformed into a young man, but loses all his wizardly powers. Unca must reinvent himself to return the princess to her throne. Along the way, he falls in love with the young woman and must deal with the conflict between his duty and his heart while keeping a terrible secret.


Book Four: Darkstone | An Evil Reborn

As the 22nd son of the Emperor of Dakkor, Vishan Daryaku grows from boy to man, learning that he must use his unique powers and prodigious knowledge to survive. He succeeds until his body is taken over by an evil power locked inside the Darkstone. Now, Emperor of Dakkor, Vishan is trapped inside, as the ancient force that rules his body devastates his homeland while attempting to recover all of the Warstones.


As the amulets are all exposed, the holders of the Moonstone, Sunstone, and Bloodstone combine to fight the Emperor’s relentless drive to reunite the Warstones and gain power over the entire world. The armies of Dakkor and the forces of those allied with the three other stones collide on a dead continent in the stunning conclusion of the Warstone Quartet.



Quest of the Wizardess

Quest of the Wizardess chronicles the travels and travails of young Bellia. After her wizard family is assassinated when she is fourteen, Bellia seeks anonymity as a blacksmith’s helper. When that doesn’t work out as expected, she flees to the army.

Her extraordinary physical and magical skills bring unwanted attention, and she must escape again. After finding a too-placid refuge, she takes the opportunity to seek out her family’s killers. Revenge becomes her quest that takes her to a lost temple, unexpected alliances, and a harrowing confrontation with her enemies.



The Power Bearer

How Norra obtained the power and the extraordinary lengths she went through to rid herself of it.

What’s a girl to do when all of the wizards in her world are after her? She runs. But this girl runs towards the source of her power, not away from it. Along the way, she picks up, among others, a wizard, a ghost, a highwaywoman and a sentient cloud. Through thick and thin, they help Norra towards her goal of finding a solution in a far-off land that no one in her world has even heard of.



Panix: Magician Spy

Panix has life by the tail, a new wife, a new job in a new land that has few magicians and none of his caliber. His ideal life takes some unexpected downturns, and Panix finds himself employed as a spy. He has no training but must make things up as he goes if he is to survive the politics, betrayal, war, and, in the end, his own behavior.





Warrior Mage

The gods gave Brull a Sword of Spells and proclaimed him as the world’s only Warrior Mage. One big problem, there aren’t any wars. What’s a guy to do? Brull becomes a magician bounty hunter until the big day when he learns he not only has to fight a war with the magicians of his world but fight the godthat the magicians are all working to bring into being. He finds out if he has what it takes in Warrior Mage.


Sword of Spells

Read about Brull’s beginnings and earlier adventures as a bounty hunter of magicians in the Sword of Spells anthology.





Set in Shattuk Downs, a reclusive land in the kingdom of Parthy, the story revolves around Sara Featherwood, who could be a Jane Austen heroine with a sword in her hand. There are no magicians, wizards, dragons, elves, or dwarves in Shattuk Downs, but there is intrigue, nobility, hidden secrets, plenty of adventure, and romance with a bit of magic.



Knife & Flame

When Sara Featherwood’s mother dies, her sixteen-year-old life is thrown into turmoil at Brightlings Manor in a remote district of Shattuk Downs. Life becomes worse when her father, the Squire, sets his roving eye on her best friend. Dreading her new life, Sara escapes to the Obridge Women’s School. Seeking solace in education doesn’t work as her world becomes embroiled with spies, revolution, and to top it all off, her best friend becomes her worst enemy.


Sword & Flame

If you were a young woman who had just saved the family’s estate from ruin, you’d think your father would be proud, wouldn’t you? Sara Featherwood is thrown out of her childhood home and now faces life on her own terms at age seventeen. She returns to the Tarrey Abbey Women’s School and is drafted to help with the establishment of the first Women’s College in the kingdom of Parthy. Now in the King’s capital of Parth, life confronts Sara as she learns about family secrets which threaten to disrupt her life and about resurgent political turmoil back home that turns her scholarly pursuits upside down as she must take action and use her magic to save her family and her beloved Shattuk Downs.


Guns & Flame

At nineteen, Sara Featherwood has done all she can to help establish the first Women’s College in the kingdom of Parthy. That includes a pact with the kingdom’s Interior Minister to go on a student-exchange program as payment for eliminating opposition to the college. Little does Sara know that her trip to a rival country is not what it seems, and as the secrets of the true purpose of her trip unravel, she utilizes her magic to escape through hostile territory with vital secrets. But as she does, she finds herself drawn back to Shattuk Downs and must confront awful truths about those close to her.



Hand of Grethia

A nuclear cataclysm pushed Grethia, a remote planet, into a dark age. A religion emerged to suppress technology by calling it sacred, holy, and not for the world.

A king broke the control of the priesthood in his kingdom and began to bring crude technology back to life.

A young man, his spaceship sabotaged, finds himself marooned on Grethia. Through insight, courage, and luck, he struggles with the static forces of the status quo, and together with the king, defeats the enemies of progress. His conflicts don’t end as he finds a way off the planet and confronts those who want to terminate his very existence and destroy the planet’s hard-won independence.

The Hand of Grethia takes the reader from a Galactic civilization of spaceships and high technology to the dark ages and back in an exciting space opera adventure.






The Alien Hand

An ancient artifact changes a young woman’s life forever. A glutton gladiator is marooned in a hostile desert. An investigator searches for magic on a ravaged world and finds something quite unexpected. A boy yearns for a special toy. A recent graduate has invented a unique tool for espionage. A member of a survey team must work with his ex-girlfriend in extremely dangerous circumstances. A doctor is exiled among the worst creatures he can imagine.



The Purple Flames

A reject from a Magical academy finds purpose. A detective works on a reservation in New Mexico, except the reservation is for ghouls, demons, ghosts, zombies, and the paranormal. A succubus hunts out the last-known nest of vampires on earth. The grisly story tells about the origins of Tonsil Tommy. In a post-apocalyptic world, two mutants find out about themselves when their lives are in imminent peril.



Angel in Bronze

A statue comes to life and must come to terms with her sudden humanity. A wizard attempts to destroy a seven-hundred-year-old curse. A boy is appalled by the truth of his parents’ midnight disappearances. A captain’s coat is much more than it seems. A healer must decide if the maxim that he has held to his entire career is still valid. A fisherman must deal with the aftermath of the destruction of his village.




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  1. Mari

    I hope to see a second book for Quest of the Wizardess. You’ve created a very intriguing mystery and I hate not knowing who her father is and what the gods have to do with her story. Congratulations on creating such an interesting background by the way.

    1. admin *


      I have two more books planned for Quest of the Wizardess, but it’s hard to find the four months it will take to make those happen.

      — Guy

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