Finding A Sorcerer’s Rings on Amazon

I’ve had a few readers tell me they’ve had difficulty finding my latest book in the Song of Sorcery series. I found out why.  Morgan Rice wrote a gazillion books on The Sorcerer’s Rings. It is a middle grade fantasy, at least the first book in the series. Anyway, it always comes up first on an Amazon search on the search ‘A Sorcerer’s Rings’. My book may be on the second or third page. That might improve with more sales, but I have no idea if it will.

If you want to find A Sorcerer’s Rings, you can just put in ‘Antibes The Sorcerer’s Rings‘ and it should come up just fine. Enough people have found the book to buy over two hundred copies in the first few days. Thanks to you all.

I’ve just started on A Sorcerer’s Fist. More of the same coming your way in less than two months.


    1. Konrad

      I had to type in author’s name and then change sort by latest publications. Devoured the the book in a day (five stars). Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  1. Mary Cook

    I fi ished in two days. Recovering from an injury. I have really fallen in love with the series. Ready for the next!

  2. Jay

    I read the Morgan Rice series a while ago. It changed my mind on something. There can be too many books in a series. I lost interest at book 9. Her writing style is not nearly as mature as yours also. However , you could write 3 more books on Ricky and I’d read them all. Thanks for a great series

  3. Andy

    I just ran a search for Song Of Sorcery to find all the books, and then promptly sat down and read them in 2 days.

    Can’t wait for the final chapter.

    1. admin *


      I’m glad you liked the books. I’m currently over halfway through the last book in the series and still expect it out sometime in May. I saw your email address. If you meant Apple computers, I congratulate you. I am an Apple man myself. 🙂

      — Guy

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