Disinherited Prince Cleanup

After a few reviews and readers pointing out some typos, I decided to put the Disinherited Prince Series under another set of eyes. That’s a gruesome thought if taken literally. It turns out that I read fast and write fast and that technique churns out lots of errors.

One editor was not enough, so all four books plus the Demeron novella have been read again by another editor who takes pride of reading a word at a time. I generally do a markup on a hardcopy proof, but I must have been introducing more mistakes. There were twenty to thirty errors per book, but less for Demeron. Most of those were left out articles (a, an, the). Any words not spelled correctly were the kind not caught by spell checkers (for example, their instead of there)

I am happy to say that the process is over. The books have been corrected. I made no additional writing changes (other than rearranging a few clunky sentences), so I don’t count these as new editions, just cleanup. I did modify the cover titles for A Sip of Magic and The Sleeping God to match the rest of the series.

So, hopefully I’ll turn out better edited books in the future. I always appreciate feedback if readers find errors. I had a review where the reader spotted an abduction that didn’t happen. I reread the book and couldn’t find what they referred to. It’s really hard to spot your own errors, since you generally fix the errors in your mind.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know…


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  1. Deborah Grice

    Editing can be a real pain!! Looks like Amazon are still processing the print version (presumably a trade paperback) now it’s finished being corrected, but hopefully it will appear soon. I am eager to continue the saga….

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