Cover Reveal! A Sorcerer Rises – Book One of Song of Sorcery Series

Here it is… The cover for the first book of the Song of Sorcery Series.  I had a different title in mind for the first book, but I changed my mind and came up with the title of A Sorcerer Rises.  The books in the series will start with A Sorcerer *something*.

The scene is not in the book, but it’s more of a representation of thirteen-year-old Hendrico (Ricky) Valian pondering what his life holds. Ricky does own a rowboat in the book and lives on a river at the beginning.  There might be a tweak or two before the final version, but I think this is pretty much how the cover will appear.


  1. Earl McNamee

    Cool one of the things I miss about using a Kindle is the covers. An the paperwhite one is not in color. I did read first chapter and I get book when it comes out. You are on my list of favorite authors.

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