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MAPS Page – Finally Posted

A lot of readers have asked for larger versions of the maps for my stories. I’ve included most of them in a new MAPS page located at the top of the website.

All the maps included are pdfs so they can be enlarged and give you all the detail that you need.

My philosophy on maps is that they need to give the reader an indication where things are located. I don’t spend a lot of time creating elegant maps, but I create them myself so they help me while I write, and help you when you read.

Shira’s Behaviorial Change

As promised, I have just gone through The Sleeping God and given Shira a personality change. Her aggressive tendencies have  been mollified, but not totally eradicated. No more kicks to Pol’s shins, but taps and nudges. She still gets a good poke in from time to time.  I made a few other edits to the manuscript, but none of them affected the story. Hopefully, she won’t appear to be so shrewish as some readers pointed out.

If you’ve read the original version of The Sleeping God, please give Shira the benefit of the doubt in The Emperor’s Pet. She is much better behaved.

Now, on to the next book, The Misplaced Prince.  I hated to make this a cliffhanger, but Pol is embarking on a new chapter in his life and there wasn’t a better place to delineate his Shinkyan experience from his Daeran than showing up on Daera with Demeron as his nursemaid. More excitement to come!

Demeron Draft Complete – End of March Projected Release

I’ve had a few comments about the Demeron novella.  I finished the draft and have run through the story a few times, just getting it back from my editor last night. I have corrections to make, and then a final perusal by an outside person. It will come out to about 60 pages as planned and will be available on Amazon when I’m done.  I’ll keep you posted, but I’m planning on getting this out around the end of March.

I hope to have a cover out in the next week or so.

I’m currently working on The Emperor’s Pet, the fifth Disinherited Prince novel. I’m shooting for the end of April on that one, too, but slipping Demeron in between books four and five might push that novel out a week or two.

The Disinherited Prince is Published!

My twenty-third book has just been published. The Disinherited Prince is the first book in a new series. In my previous post I gave the blurb for the book. We will see where this series goes, but it is currently scheduled to be a seven book series.  We pick up Pol, the disinherited prince, at twelve years old and will see him grow in the first few books. As he gets older his horizons change and he will change, struggling with his identity, his talent and his place in the Baccusol Empire.

It is available at Amazon as an kindle book and in paperback form.

Send me an email and let me know how you like the book.

By the way, the next book in the series is already underway.  This one has to title of The Monk’s Habit.

Change in Plans

PrpleFlameseCvrThmbAnoria of Valir won last year’s character contest. I intended on writing a novel based on her character later in the year, but as I got further into my Mechanisms of Magic trilogy (my draft was 1/3 of the way through the first book), I realized that it didn’t pop the way I wanted it to.

So I’m putting Mech of Magic on the shelf for a bit and am headlong in the midst of creating a series based on Anoria.  The first book takes the Anoria story in The Purple Flames anthology and inserts it further back in the story. I’ve got more characters and more action. Right now, the series is intended to stretch to seven or eight books.

More to come as I continue to pursue Anoria’s story.

Bloodstone and Darkstone Covers Revealed!

The final covers for Bloodstone and Darkstone, books 3 and 4 of the Warstone Quartet are finished.

BloodstoneCvrBloodstone, which is primarily about a princess and a wizard, has a velvet background and crossed swords in the stone. One of the swords is bright and polished that represents youth and the other is worn and dented representing a lot of experience.

Darkstone, a coming of age story for the antagonist and the rousing conclusion has a skull (evil reborn) in the darkstone which lays on top of a Ropponi sword blade. The background is rocky dirt that represents Ayrtan, the dead continent, where the final confrontation takes place.DarkstoneCvr



Guy to Attend LTUE

I livlogo-footere in Utah.  There are a few writing conferences in the state during the year and I go to them on a sporadic basis.  This year, I’m scheduled to attend all three days of LTUE (Light, The Universe and Everything), which is held in Provo, Utah.  It used to be sponsored by Brigham Young University, but the last few years they have held the event off campus, so I don’t know if it still is.

The conference is February 12, 13, and 14 (Valentine’s Day).  There are usually some very good sessions.  If you run across me, say hello.

What I Learned at IndieReCon

IndieReCon is an online writer’s conference for independent published authors.  There are three approaches to getting your novels published:  Traditional, Independent and Hybrid.  Hybrid, as you might imagine, is an author that does both traditional and independent publishing.

Independent publishing has two further classifications, Self and Independent.  In this case, IndieReconindependent encompasses using small publishing companies with an imprint.  I am a self publisher who has a close relationship with a small publisher so I use the CasiePress, but I do most of my own work, so I would probably be considered more of a self publisher.

The major takeaway from IndieReCon was that I need to do a better job at marketing my books.  Since I don’t write full time, I’ve neglected a number of promotional aspects of writing, so you’ll see a twitter presence (you can follow me at @guyantibes) and more facebook content… but not a lot.

My website was recently hacked, so I’ve redesigned it with all new content including links for visitors to buy my books.  I’ll be redoing some of my covers along with blurbs.   Lots of work.

One thing that was consistent throughout is write, write, write.  If you think you’d make better use of your time writing, then write rather than go off and do something else.

Last year was pretty much a disaster for my production.  No publications, but this year will be different.  More short stories in anthologies and at least two novels.  Warrior-Mage is written and I’m finalizing the cover.  Moonstone is in rewrites.  So I learned that I have to do things differently this year, including posting videos on my blog and setting up a YouTube channel.  I’m looking forward to that.

One thing that I will do is create a marketing plan.  What I need to do for each book and what I need to do to promote my writing career (not much of one to date.)  I consider the three days that I stuffed with articles, vlogs and online chats to have been worthwhile.


If you’ve visited Guy Antibes in the past, you’ll notice something different.  I was hacked and my virus-and-malware-laden site had to be destroyed.  I haven’t been able to find my old template so the new look.  It may change a bit until I settle in on the right look.

I haven’t blogged for quite a while on a regular basis, but that’s about to change.  Warrior-Mage is about to come out and I’ve got three drafts under my belt of my four novel series Warstones. Lots coming up in 2014.  Stay tuned.