A Virulent Hatred of Cliffhangers

Having received a number of two star reviews on The Emperor’s Pet, I have come to the expected conclusion that readers have virulent objection to and hatred of cliffhangers. I knew people didn’t like them particularly having written one in my Power of Poses series, but I didn’t sufficiently learn my lesson. I’ll probably pay for it through lost readers.

I am sorry about that. The losing of Pol’s memories is key to his future growth. I suppose I should have started the next book in the series with that happening, but it’s too late now. I will learn from that mistake. I promise: NO MORE CLIFFHANGERS!

I just finished outlining most of The Misplaced Prince, book six.  I have an overall vision for where the books go and then do a scene outline, but I don’t follow the scenes slavishly. They are more like mileposts along the journey. I often take detours and alternate routes while I write. Having said that, I’m ready to start with book six.

The beginning of the book is written, but its purpose is to position Pol in a village before the story really begins. I’ll be able to begin knowing the direction the story will take and as I write, I’ll let inspiration nudge Pol here and there and I’ll give birth to new characters and new challenges outside of my scene outline.  I can’t promise no cliffhangers between chapters, though.

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  1. PhilC

    Cliffhanger.. all the more to look forward to, why you would be marked down for them I don’t know, but please don’t take it to heart, great books great series, I am re-reading them all while waiting for the next one. Only problem is they only last two to three days. Having read up to and including the Emporers Pet, the books are lots better a second time around. My only massive frustration is that as a Kindle reader, there are no legible Maps….

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