A SORCERER’S DIPLOMACY is now released!

I’m happy to announce that A Sorcerer’s Diplomacy, the third book in the Song of Sorcery is now available on Amazon kindle. The paperback will be out in mid-march. If you’d like to get a copy you can at this link:  Amazon

Here is the blurb:

Back at Doubli Academy, Ricky finds new acquaintances and a new pastime. However, all is not bliss as circumstances converge making it impossible to avoid confronting his nemesis, Duke Noacci, the man Ricky suspects of killing his parents. While on a school break, he finds himself in the middle of two powers ready to go to war. Ricky must make life-altering decisions as he struggles to save himself and his new friends.


  1. Marc Cann

    Just finished reading this about midnight last night, great book, can’t wait for the forth, keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. Jay

    What a great book . I’m especially excited about the next one considering where Ricky will be!! Are you thinking May release? Thanks for the awesome books

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