Month: August 2015

Bluntwithe’s Education Series

After writing a dud of a book (failure hurts, doesn’t it?), I have embarked on a new series.  Bluntwithe’s Education.   The general idea is Trak Bluntwithe, a fifteen-year-old stableboy at his father’s inn in a rural village gets a boon, an education as a legacy from an uncle he never met. He must travel to Pestledown, the capital city of the country of Pestle, where he lives.  He meets some interesting characters and is tested for magic at the request of one of his father’s good friends at the inn.  Not surprisingly to readers, we find that Trak Bluntwithe has strong magical capabilities.  The only problem is that magic is outlawed in Pestle.

Trak learns that nothing is what it seemed when he was cleaning horses or taking care of the little vegetable farm that supplied the inn. So starts his education, which will take him to far off lands and put him in embarrassing situations and genuine peril.

The first story is scheduled for release in September, 2015.