Month: October 2014

A Cover and New Title among Other Things

My Bellia novel has a new title:  Quest of the Wizardess.  I also have a new cover.


Quest of the Wizardess Cover

The girl comes from an ad I saw on the web.  I totally modifed her face, but her pose was exactly what I wanted.  I used the red robes to bring the color out in the otherwise drab cover.  I had to draw in much of the robes, the hand and the sword.  The building in the background is the Temple of the Blind God.  It’s in the book and I used the dome of St. Paul’s cathedral in London along with part of the cathedral at Bourges, France.

I have a few edits to go before this gets published.

This month I have been continuing to work on the Sara Featherwood Adventures.  I input the wrong file for the first book and have had to re-edit it.  I’ll have trade paperbacks out with the new edits in October.

Warstones is out dipping its collective toes in the water at some agents, then I’ll get to work on those books.  I’ve got a chunk of editing done, but there’s more to do on the quartet’s 1200+ pages.

As for new writing, I have a mystery novel in mind for NaNoWriMo.  This year’s NaNoWriMo will give me the motivation to get it done in November.  I think that will come in around 70,000 words.