Month: August 2014

Bellia novel

I don’t have a title for this epic fantasy novel yet.  It stands alone, but there are all kinds of hooks for a trilogy.  It’s about the daughter of a family of wizardly hermits.  They are all killed and she has to leave their home to avoid the same happening to her. Typical sword & sorcery stuff.  It has a unique magical system and Bellia, the main character, gets involved in gods that used to live on their world, but have left.  Lots of action and Bellia does her best to defend herself.

I’m planning on self-publishing this sometime in October.  It’s ready for a proof edit.

Rebranding of Sara Featherwood Series

I haven’t had much traction with my Sara Featherwood series:  Daughter Bereaved, Daughter Disinherited, Daughter Betrayed.  It has always been an uneasy kind of a genre bender.  So I’ve come up with new titles and a bit of a re-edit, adding in a magical element so I can call it a fantasy and fantasy readers will see some magic.  I’ve also changed the series name (there were two – The Shattuk Downs novels and the Sara Featherwood novels) to Sara Featherwood Adventures.

The plot is still the same except in some of the key action sequences, Sara will use a little bit of magic.  I’ve gone through all three books and made some edits to typos and filled in a few minor plot holes.  The big difference will be the new covers.  I tweaked the illustrations for the last two books, but the first book has a totally new cover and more in matching with the genre.

As for genre, it will be Fantasy – YA/College, and Literature – Women’s Adventure

Here is the cover for the first volume:  Knife & Flame




The other titles are Sword & Flame and Guns & Flame.  They are up on Amazon and Smashwords.