Month: May 2014

WarStone Quartet Progress

I found an author’s site that had progress indicators.  Perhaps I should install one on this site.  Here is an update on my current project:  The WarStone Quartet.moonstone


Moonstone:  Drafted and two revisions.  This is the first volume and needs to be read first.  I’ve added some continuity with the other books.  I wrote this one first before the others were done, so some of the sequencing of the events had to be updated.  Most of the plot remained intact from my first draft.


Sunstone: Drafted and one revision.  I increased the  number of words in this book to over 100,000 by increasing some character interaction and filling in some plot holes.  I changed a few relationships to make the mercenary phase of the plot work better and a section of the book needed to be redone for continuity.

BloodstoneBloodstone: Drafted and one revision.  This volume has the most vivid romantic element and I reworked the romantic arc a bit.  There still needs to be some more tweaks on the part of one of the characters.  The stakes need to be raised a bit.  This has a lot of battles and I might need to choreograph them with more action.


Darkstone:  Drafted and one revision.  This still needs some more content. This is the last volume and I’m somewhat pleased how it came out.  This volume contains the end of the romantic arc started in the Bloodstone.  I had to work on a number of elements in the rewrite to extend a sparsely written first draft.  More internal thoughts on the part of the MC and I reworked the exciting climax a bit. I might need some more slam bang action.  The ending was reworked a little, but came out pretty much as intended.

I intend on one more revision to each volume to add some additional character and some color (description).  Then I run them through a grammar/spell checker for a final perusal. They should be ready for book production and proof edits and then RELEASE!

I’m currently cogitating over what approach to take on the covers.  All four of them need to be coordinated

Anthologies Promotions

Sorry I didn’t mention about the free promotion for The Purple Flames.  It went free for about a AngelBronzeCvrThmbweek.  The next free promotion will be in June.  Angel in Bronze will be free on Amazon for one week.  It’s scheduled for June 4th through June 10th.  It’s a good time to see what the three anthologies are like before you buy the other two.

I’m still looking for contest participants.

Guy Antibes Anthology Contest

Your favorite character in a full-length novel!

Guy is going to have a contest and you are invited to participate!aliensmall

Guy will write a novel-length story about the character that readers like the most.  If you vote and your favorite character is chosen,  Guy will sent you a free e-book version of the novel.

Characters from the three 2014 anthologies, The Alien Hand, The Purple Flames, and Angel in Bronze will be eligible.

Voting goes until December 31st, 2014.  You can vote here at the official Guy Antibes website.   Guy will announce the winning character by January 7th, 2015 and the novel should come out in the summer of 2015.

Click on the Anthologies on the top Menu Bar to get to the Character Contest entry form.


The Purple Flames, The Alien Hand, and Angel in Bronze – All Now Available Exclusively at Amazon!

All three of my three anthology volumes have been published by CasiePress and will bubble onto the scene this month.  The Purple Flames is short for Demise of the Purple Flames and is a steampunkish story PrpleFlameseCvrThmbof a young man who is transformed for the specific reason to eliminate the magic in the leader of the Order of the Purple Flames’ arch enemy.  The cover art is of a Purple Flame member in his regalia.  It’s a fun start to the rest of the stories which are a combination of Steampunk and Paranormal stories with a few touches of horror mixed in.

Of the eleven stories, here are a few snippets:

A detective works on a reservation in New Mexico, except the reservation is for ghouls, demons, ghosts, zombies, and the paranormal.  A succubus whose mission in life is to destroy the last vampires that have infested the earth.  The grisly story about Tommy Tonsil.  In a post-apocalyptic world, two mutants find out about themselves when facing dire peril.

The other two anthologies are described in the Anthologies section on the Pages menu bar.  These anthologies will begin life exclusively available on Amazon.